Ep 1 - Avengers Infinity War

In our first official episode we review Marvel's Avengers Infinity War. We go over the previous Marvel movies and discuss which one was our favorite and which one was the biggest disappointment. Then we go into spoilers for Infinity War and discuss its crazy ending! We also try to predict what will happen in the next Avengers movie. Kyle also tries to convince Sade that he knows who Brie Larson is.

This review contains possible spoilers for all previous Marvel movies.

00:00 - 20:00 Discussion of all Marvel movies before Infinity War. May contain slight spoilers for those movies

20:00 - 1:21:31 SPOILERS for Infinity War and what is next for Marvel movies

1:21:31 - 1:23:50 What we will review next week and what we are looking forward to see this summer

1:23:50 -1:35:32 Recently watched recommendations

Kyle: 24 (Spoilers) and New Girl

Sade: Killing Eve and Bobby Kennedy for President

Next week we will discuss Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2 available on Netflix.

Theme Music is Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)by spinningmerkaba