Did you see Solo: A Star Wars Story? We discuss the film, our history with all the Star Wars films and why we are fans. We also rank all the movies before we discuss the making of Solo and its production issues. Then we go into a full review of Solo. 

Sade tries to convince Kyle to watch Killing Eve. 

Then we go into what we have been watching, which includes Netflix’s Ibiza, Game Night, HBO’s Barry, Showtime’s Patrick Melrose.

00:00:00 - 00:01:26 Intro. Please make sure to rate and review us on Apple Podcast

00:01:26 - 00:12:22 Our history with Star Wars films and culture 

00:12:22- 00:24:00 Our Star Wars film ranking

00:24:00 - 00:30:48 Solo Production

00:30:48 - 00:43:35 Solo Review Non Spoiler

00:43:35  - 01:39:00 Solo Spoilers

01:39:00 - 01:50:52 Killing Eve Non Spoiler Discussion

What We’ve Been Watching

01:50:52 - 01:57:20 Ibiza

01:57:20 - 01:59:00 Game Night

01:59:00 -  02:00:35 Barry


02:00:35 - 02:01:14 Modern Family, again


02:01:14 - 02:05:23 Patrick Melrose

02:05:23 - 02:06:11 Outro

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