Ep 8 - Incredibles 2, Queer Eye and Our Pixar Confessions

After 14 years, we finally have a sequel to The Incredibles! We analyze Incredibles 2 and discuss what we thought of the movie. Then we reveal a #PixarConfession, where we detail something about Pixar films that we don’t usually talk about openly. For instance, maybe our dislike of a beloved Pixar film???

We then discuss Queer Eye and why we love the Fab 5. 

Finally we talk about what we’ve been watching including an update on The Staircase.

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00:01:35 - 00:15:06 The Incredibles (2004) Review (Spoilers)

00:15:06 - 00:24:48 Incredibles 2 (Non Spoiler)

00:24:48 - 01:14:25 Incredibles 2 (Spoilers)

01:14:25 - 01:20:39 #PixarConfession

01:20:39 - 01:43:58 Queer Eye Season 2

What We’ve Been Watching


01:43:58 - 01:46:32 Last Week Tonight


01:46:32 - 01:48:54 The Fourth Estate

01:48:54 - 01:54:16 The Staircase (Update)

01:54:16 - 01:56:08 What We Will Discuss Next Week and Outro

Next week we will review Jurassic World and Luke Cage

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